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Carpet Cleaning

We use Steampro 2000, which is the latest and most advanced in Prochem's range of portable electric carpet soil extractors.


The brand new design for Steempro 2000 incorporates a high power vacuum and pump system with an internal whisper quiet silencer making the Steempro 2000 one of the most powerful yet quiet portable extractors in the world.
It includes a dual 3-stage vacuum motor; 100psi pumps and a new design "clip-on" in-line 2.8kw heat exchanger, which produces virtually instant hot cleaning solution.

The process of a professional cleaning and therefore the time being spent on the job is primarily determined by the condition and soil content of the fibres.
Other factors include:

  • Amount of furniture in the cleaning area
  • Number and type of stains, chewing gum, wax in fibre

Type and the construction of carpet will determine the correct method as follows:

With a special groom we break up and loosen the matted piles Then we thoroughly dry vacuum, especially edges and high traffic areas. It will remove up to 20% of soil. Treat stains, remove chewing gums (although not all stains can be removed, the selection of the proper professional stain removal agents will guarantee the best possible result). Pre-spray carpet with specially formulated traffic lane cleaner to dissolve greasy soil. Pressure clean and vacuum-extract the soil using correct temperature cleaning solution with industry-approved detergents. Realign pile correctly whilst dampReplace furniture only when necessary and place on protector pads or blocks Ensure adequate ventilation or introduce mechanical air mover

We prefer to view a carpet in order to determent the work required
before we quote a price.


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