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Floor sanding & Finishing

We use the latest Lagler technology (German), the pioneers of continuous-belt sanding machines, which are designed to achieve a smooth finish.

Lagler flipLagler triolagler hummel

All of our machines are fitted with dust extraction technology. Whilst this does not totally eliminate the presence of dust it greatly reduces it compared with inferior machines.

To finish our floors we prefer Bonakemi products (Swedish), the inventors of water-borne finishes (100% polyurethane) Bonakemi's MEGA finish is the most widely used floor lacquer in the world, mostly specified by Architects and designers in galleries, museums and hotels. The main advantages of using water based floor lacquers are that there are virtually no solvent fumes, they are safe for children and pets and they are environmentally friendly, being mostly manufactured from arable crops.

In recent years renovating existing wooden floors has become increasingly popular and fashionable for their practicality and natural beauty at a fraction of the cost of newly laid floors.

To achieve a professional finish a floor needs to be repaired, fixed, filled (including floorboards), sanded several times and protected with a high quality finish, lacquer or oil.

A professionally finished floor will result in years of service.
However, to keep it in good shape we advise our clients to maintain their floor at regular intervals and we can provide a fully comprehensive after care service.

We also fit new floors and prepare sub-floors prior to fitting. See examples.


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